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The Future Is Shining Bright in the Golden State!

Our time in California has been short, but our first project feels like we struck gold.  We are assisting our clients with a refresh of their Moorpark, Cali home.  Just north of Los Angeles, this area feels more like a resort oasis than just any other neighborhood.  Stucco-clad homes with a distinct Spanish influence line the streets.  Although, this isn't uncommon for much of California home style, no one says it can't be updated so that your house stands out in all the right way!  We lovingly refer to this project as the Mediterranean Makeover and the plan is to take this fabulous house a step backward in order to step into the future.  By removing some builder-grade elements, tweaking the color palette and simplifying some architecture elements, we will make everyone in the neighborhood envious and add resale value.

This project is still in the planning phase and on halt due to Covid-19.  We have a included some inspiration board slides below.  We hope to have progress and before and after photos soon.

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